Cheap TV show in which the entire country is canvassed by a panel of pop producers in order to find people with potential. These people with potential are then told to come back for a second audition so that Cowell and co. can discern which one is the most easily manipulated. There then follows the premise of a public vote, but we all know it's rigged anyhow.

I feel sorry for the people who win Pop Idol. They get paid craploads to flood the music industry with half-arsed shite and to take it up the arse from Pete Waterman.
The life cycle of a Pop Idol Winner:

August - Wins programme, lots of jubilation, gets fat record deal.
September - Releases first single. It gets to Number 1 and then bombs the next week.
October - The Sun newspaper publishes a revelation about this winner being gay/having an affair with a model/engaging in sordid group sex practices/whatever. Public don't really give a shit.
November - Having had their interest sparked by the previous month's press frenzy, their second single rockets.
December - They get to Xmas number 1.
January - Their next single bombs and we (thankfully) don't hear of them again.
May - Pop Idol starts up again.
by KHD June 22, 2004
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One of the worst T.V programmes EVER!
Airhead 1:Dude doesn't Pop Idol suck?

Airhead 2: Totally
by ? November 2, 2003
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a bag of shit that takes the piss outta hard workin metal bands who gig for ages yet dont get no where cos of simon cowell and the bunch of shit stabbers who decide wat tweens obviously the only people who matter cos they spend the most money what to listen to
by metallichristof December 23, 2003
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The thing that the person who played Frodo in lord of the rings tried to get into but failed.
Frodo: Crash, bang, thunder and lightning, du du du du duuuu orcs to the left elves to the right, CRASH BANG!

Guy: Ok thats enough Frodo, Next.

Frodo: What was wrong with it then?

Guy: Well Frodo, i'll be honest with you, this is called Pop idol, you may have had a chance if it has been Middle earth idol but it isent, so get out.

Frodo: oh dear. and stop calling me frodo my name is Alaisa Wood

*Frodo walks out into the street

Chav: Oi frodo ya wanker put some shoe's on ya tit.

Chav: Oi
by America-Man March 29, 2005
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Someone (boy/girl) who works hard, diets, and to become famous. Mostly the boy groups serve the military after (BTS will). The girl groups can serve too, but there is currently no information about them having to.
Me: What's your favorite K-pop idol?
OP: J-hope, he has dancing skills and he worked hard into joining BigHit's BTS
by 장미 June 14, 2019
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Its not just a show.

Its a Japanese pop culture meaning where young teens or adults that are celebrities pretty much be celebrities and are expected to be a role model
Person 1:Omg did you see Misa on T.V last night

Person 2 :Yes, she was awesome
Person 3 :She's so my role model
Person 4 : geez, she's just a pop idol
Person 1, 2, and 3: SHUT UP
by The red haired Aries July 22, 2017
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