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A special type of asian girl who enjoys going to clubs partying and drinking with friends. Loves to get boba and shop. Usually an instagram model, influencer, or bartender. Looks exactly like dreamerica on twitch.
She is so hot and beautiful her dms are always full yup thats Erica a pure ABG.
by EricaforABG October 10, 2019
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An acronym for an "aznbbygirl" meaning an asian female gangster. ABG's like to hang with gangsters and wear thin (slutty) clothing. They like to jump other girls who talk shit and make out with their boyfriends 24/7 (maybe even have sex.) Usually own side kicks who also like to text frequently. ABG'S also normally have a "ride or die" homie, someone who is always down for them, or die trying. ABG's are also known for dying their hair alot. From blonde to black. They have many piercings: multiple on the ears, and stomach/lip. They probably have teased hair, bangs, and have had extensions at one point or another. Could also have painted nails and tatoos. ABG's are super hot, but you would probably get jumped if you tried to hit on them. They also loiter and hang out past curfew.
"Oh shit look at those hotties at that boba house.."
"Watch out, see those gangsters next to them? Their obviously ABG's."
"Damn..still hot."
by Lolzercoptorzallday February 07, 2009
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Acronym for Asian Baby Girl. Asian gangsta girl who likes to hang out with Asian b-boys and parties all night long. Puts a lot of makeup on and is usually a slut. Have teased hair and also die their hair often. Fake eyelashes and thick eyeshadow is also relatively common. Are stereotypically hot and wear revealing clothing. Like to make out with their boyfriends and jump on girls who talk crap about them. Most Asian girls do not appreciate being called an "ABG".
She has so much makeup on. And she's like all over her boyfriend. She's definitely a full-on ABG.
by asianbabygirl January 08, 2011
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Asian Baby Girl is an asian girl who typically enjoys boba tea and dancing. Frequents college campuses and loves to travel to disneyland. Looks alot like aevaflava on twitch.
aeva is always going to disneyland and drinking boba she must be an ABG.
by abgaeva June 08, 2019
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ABG Commonly known as asian baby girl. Likes to party have fun typically into the car scene or boba. Looks like ohaidiana on twitch.
Wow that abg is so pretty yes ohaidiana is so beautiful.
by ohaidianaforabg September 27, 2018
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