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No, "bubble tea" is the Americanized way of saying it. No, it is not gross. It is a flavored tea drink originated in Taiwan that usually contains tapioca "pearls", aka the Boba. You suck the drink through a large straw so you can eat the Boba too. There are also "popping boba", which is simply a small bubble around a burst of juice that well, pops easily in your mouth.
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 24, 2019
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Someone who is rejected by common society but is actually one of the coolest f*ckers around and needs some love. <3 They tend to get references and have a unique style. Rock on my fellow weirdos!
She is such a weirdo.
I may be a weirdo, but I love my weirdness
Being a weirdo is amazing, it's like I have my own nerd membership card.
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 23, 2019
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A separate type of kiss consisting of two lovers brushing the tips of their noses together. It is very adorable and will often lead to beautiful smiles and more kisses.
I love it when he gives me Eskimo Kisses.
I wonder how many accidental Eskimo Kisses we've had.
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 24, 2019
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When someone is a perceived goody goody but actually knows quite a bit of adult content that even some non- "innocent" people don't. They are often virgins, although sometimes people actually doubt how they are one based on their semi-extensive knowledge. The difference between an "innocent" and a pure innocent is an "innocent" won't always need to ask questions about certain euphemisms, but pure innocents often flat-out don't know it's implied or don't know what a euphemism is.
I am so "innocent".
There is no way you are innocent.
That's why it's in quotes you doi because I'm innocent-not-really
True though.
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 24, 2019
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A squishy ball of deliciousness with a rice cake dough on the outside and either ice cream or cream and fruits on the inside. It is a Japanese snack that is perfect for a quick sweet tooth craving because they are usually no larger than the size of two golf balls. There are also candies of these, which are much smaller but still delicious.
I am really craving some mochi right now!
There are actually mochi candies at certain Hot Topics!
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 24, 2019
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Person who is shy at heart and is really anxious amongst crowds and needs a reboot after social gatherings. Usually it is introverts that can be the most kind people, but you have to let them get used to you first. Since they like to retreat into books, movies, and the like, they will understand most references that make for great conversation starters. Do not underestimate the ones who stammer at the podium!
I'm not just shy, I'm an introvert.
I-I really need to leave, this social situation is really panic-inducing.
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 24, 2019
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A response to your message that is actually relatively decent and not just k, or lol, these things can be sent but must be followed with a contribution to your statement.
"I love you" is an acceptable reply for a significant other
"Lol. I love your meme"
"K, but what about (blank)?"
by Lil_Weirdo_ July 23, 2019
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