A bloody clunge, cunt, pussy, quim. When some dirty old slut is on the blob, and you smash her back doors in.
Chris: Did you hear about Dave and Tugboat? She went round his gaff and he stuck one in her Blunge...
Peve: What a dirty cunt! Did she bleed all over his bedspread again?
Chris: No, her blunge butter went all over his fucking couch
by JohnOkey July 4, 2006
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Term, born of a corruption of black and clunge, referring to the vagina of a black woman.
I plunged me sausage deep in to her blunge, in a rather futile attempt to derive some pleasure from her cave of a pussy
by talldarkstranger May 19, 2010
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Opposite of bling-bling. When someone pulls out the cheap imitation jewllery thats worth 11 bucks, maybe 15 if they went all out. and of course looks like its worth all 11 bucks.
those earrings aint bling theyre blung! where'd u find em? under a dead hobo?
by your2coolbuddy December 9, 2004
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adjective-refers to cheap imitation jewellary as often worn by cheap imitation gangstars.
look, he's drippin in blung.
by ben November 16, 2003
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Blung is a sacred plant pon which thy must prepare in a rolling method, In order to the effects of this herb.
Charles- "hey Ben have you got any blung in your possesion"

Ben- "uhm.. yea i think so, shit wait il have a look.. oh yea i do"

Charles- "exelent, wash your hands & roll that sacred plant"
by Dr.Blungalot October 19, 2010
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When you roll a blunt and smoke it through a bong, packing weed around the blunt in the bowl of the bong, which sparks the bowl up for you when the blunt gets smoked dwon to the end and hits the bowl part.
its one of the most amazing ways to smoke. ever.
Hey dude its 4:10, start rollin up that blunt and lets get this blung goin!
by Chronic Ash December 7, 2010
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when you had bling and you lost it.
Dawg, he got blung.
by miosis March 5, 2004
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