1. a word used by PC players of the online game "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" also known as "PUBG" to refer to the game crashing, bugging out, or simply not functioning as intended.

2. a word used to describe a situation or experience that did not meet expectations.

See also: screwed, fucked over
"I was going to go out tonight but my car totally blueholed me."

"I was going to drop in Pochinki but I got blueholed. I'm going to try to reconnect."
by 305Goose May 30, 2018
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Similar to blue balls, I’m which a man gets a woman aroused but does not proceed to finish the job.
I was angry at my girlfriend for giving me blue balls, so I got pay back and Blueholed her
by The One and Only Boi June 13, 2018
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When a chick is masturbating but for some reason can't finish herself off and she just leaves herself sore. Like blue balls, but totally different.
So I was playing with this guy online and fingering myself and he turned out to be a douchey disappointment. I tried to finish but it wasn't working, I just ended up blue holed and I did it to myself.
by a disapppointment September 03, 2016
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When playing pubg and anything glitches and you die
I was driving a dacia and out of nowhere I got blueholed and it exploded
by Spaded4 May 05, 2018
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