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A Blue Dog Democrat is so-called because of the character Dino on the cartoon television show The Flintstones. Dino was a blue dog, and the letters DINO stand for "Democrat In Name Only."

Blue Dog Democrats are also sometimes called "Reagan Democrats." They are conservative, rather than progressive, and have a tendency to align themselves with GOP policies in matters of taxation and spending.
The Blue Dog Democrats are standing in the way of true healthcare reform.
by Sheila345 November 30, 2009
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1. A politician who represents corporate interests and wealthy individuals rather than the interests of middle and working class Americans and chooses to run as a Democrat rather than Republican either because his state or district will not elect a Republican or he has convinced the wealthy he would do a better job protecting their money than the GOP alternative. 2. A Democrat who puts the interests of corporations and wealthy individuals ahead of the progressive ideals of the Democratic Party and ahead of even the success of the party as a whole. 3. A Democrat who calls himself a moderate when in fact he is an extremist in protecting moneyed interest and is to the right of the overwhelming majority of the American people and even his own constituents.
The difference between a Republican and a Blue Dog Democrat is the same as that between an Almond Joy and a Mounds. Republicans have nuts (religious & gun-toting racists), Blue Dogs don't.
by F Delano R September 10, 2009
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A Republican from the 1990s, prior to the Republicans becoming even worse than they already are, causing conservatives to call themselves Democrats.
"What does that mean, blue dog democrat?"
"It means I agree with the Democrats economically, just not socially."
"So you mean you're a conservative?"
"Why not just say that"
by Catty McGee April 04, 2018
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