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Pronounced COBURN.

A surname that is more common in Austrailia, and has Scottish roots. But having such a name can either be inconvient, or funny, depending on how you look at it, especially given that people will either be disgusted or amused, and having to constantly remind people how to say your name.
Hey there, John Cockburn!

(people nearby laugh in the process)


Oh, sorry, my bad.
by 120 day school year December 7, 2019
A centrist democrat that is more moderate than your typical left-wing democrat, but not quite conservative enough to be classified as a republican.

Democrats from red states can sometimes be considered "blue dogs". However, the democrat party of today has moved so far to the left that those who are still closer to the center may also be classified as such.

A blue dog democrat typically has moderate views. They might support toughening border security, but also support granting amnesty to illegal immigrants already inside the country.
They are often more pro-gun than their liberal counterparts. Some of them can be pro-life or oppose same-sex marriage. But like most Democrats, they often want to expand education funding, protect funding for government programs, and raise the minimum wage.

The views of a Blue Dog Democrat can vary quite widely (it's possible to have two Blue Dogs that disagree on a lot of things) but in general, they are liberal to moderate on fiscal and economical issues, and moderate to conservative on social issues.

For example: Dan Lipinski, Collin Peterson, John Bel Edwards, Joe Manchin.
"Are you stupid? How you gonna be against gun control and support Kavanaugh and you a Democrat?"

"Yeah but I'm a Blue Dog Democrat"
by 120 day school year December 9, 2019
Originally something said to transition from one topic to another, nowadays (and especially among some younger people) it seems to be used as a rather rude way of restricting one another's ability to speak their mind at all.
Person 1: Why did you steal my jacket?

Person 2: Because I can!

Person 1: How many times do I have to tell you not to touch my stuff unless you ask?!

Person 2: ANYWAYS...
by 120 day school year November 3, 2020
When a large number of people occupy an apartment to the point where it's cramped and can lead to feelings of being trapped and claustrophobic.

Apartment overcrowding can involve having more than three people in a single bedroom, other open areas such as the living room being used as a bedroom, having very limited privacy due to the large number of people in an apartment, and having many house restrictions set by the main tenant(s) of the apartment, which is especially true if the apartment is being shared by other strangers. It can also result in large numbers of cars parked on nearby streets on blocks that have several apartment buildings.

Some landlords have tried to combat this by setting a fixed limit of the number of persons that can occupy an apartment depending on the size (such as 2 people per bedroom, 3 per bedroom, 2 per bedroom plus one), but it isn't legal most of the time and violates the Fair Housing Act.
Person 1: What kind of apartment should I get?
Person 2: Just make sure you have enough space for whoever plans to live there.
Person 3: Yeah, try not to be like those people in Santa Ana, who have many problems with apartment overcrowding and have as many as 10 people in a one-bedroom apartment and sharing with a bunch of strangers. Living like that is so difficult it's not even funny.
by 120 day school year July 22, 2015