Aka:Border insecurity
Prime time show on Australian television repeatedly ranking on the top of popularity charts which pretty much sums up Australian mentality: content as follows - bunch of insecure power trip ridden knobs interrogating incoming tourists,refugees,Kiwis in a way suited for the camera and satisfaction of narrow minded 'Aussie' public.To understand this definition fully one must see show in question for oneself.It makes Schindler list look like easy night relax movie.
Melbourne airport,Border security base of operation
Me: hello.
custom officer: empty your bag and wallet for search of illegall immigrants.

Me: it`s just a backpack i don`t understa...

custoom officer: you are under arrest now you`ll be now transfered to a detention centre(read:concentration camp) where you spend at least 3 years without any chance of getting legal help.
by czech boy Jiri March 13, 2008