1.Cocain. A drug that's sniffed up the nose.
2.A blow job.
1.Ohhh I'm so high right now.
2.No I won't give you a blow job, we just met!
by bitch#1 March 21, 2005
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A word consisting of many different meanings but none as dirty as the one you are thinking of right now.
You don't need an example for the word blow you dirty bastard.
by Prawnpringles October 16, 2014
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"Where Yo Ass Was At When I Was Trynna Find Some Blow"
" Get High Baby"
by FytbDummy February 19, 2016
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Blow- shorter term for tha drug cocaine.
Ashy faced boy: "where's tha blow at meaan"?💨
Person with tha blow: " on your mind, tf"😶
by AlmightyM March 15, 2016
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A loud -typed smoke or medical marijuana that black people'll probably smoke daily
Where the fuckin' blow at , my nigga?
by Makhiyaboo November 30, 2016
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it slang for that coca
JJ-ay Big T i got 2 pounz of sum blow
Big T-well wha we finna do
JJ- slang it jus like tht nigga frm New Jack Neno Brown
Big T-aight den nigga
by Big T so gutta August 6, 2005
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