1. Cocaine
2. A Movie about cocaine
3. Suckin dick
1. I'm really fienen for some blow
2. Have you seen BLOW yet? Johnny Depp is soo fine!
4. F: Hey La?
La (ME): Sup?
F: Could ya do me a favor ma?
La: Whats dat boo?
F: Could ya blow on this dick lil mama?
by LaLa January 05, 2004
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Someone that sucks or is just plain stupid...or doesn't know how to do anything...
by Majdely March 11, 2005
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Normally a slang term referring to powdered cocaine. However, for people in the metropolitan Washington DC who don't know any better, this term is used to refer to powdered heroin, apparently because the term coke refers to crack here because it is the predominant form of cocaine found there.
"Where can I get a bag of blow around here?"
by JRock January 16, 2004
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Blows, also known as a blow, is a slang term for a certain narcotic, being Heroin. The Blows is a slang term that most likely originated in an is most predominately used in Chicago.

Blows: slang term for Heroin sold in pre-weighed amounts and packaged small baggies or small tinfoil squares folded up with a small strip of colored duct tape wrapped around the foil. Blows is also used to ask a dope dealer if he has Heroin for sale or not.
"whassup homie can slide through an
get like 3 or 4 blows?"

"yo man my guy has the best blows I've ever snorted in my life."

"aye bro y'all got any blows on this block?"

"yo whiteboy we fresh out but the boys on the block over got some blows that are straight fire."
by TheGhettoGuru420 May 28, 2013
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