When a person of color's skin is so dry that their skin begins to turn a shade of white and crack. A slang term for extremely dry skin.
Peron1: I'm so ashy! It looks like I'm wearing a pair of white stockings!
Person2: Yea. Me too. Got any lotion?
by breenbreenqui December 20, 2014
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When a person's (usually a black person) skin is so dry it looks as white as ash from a fire.
Guy: Do you have any lotion? I'm ashy as heck
by dodobirrd March 14, 2020
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She’s using someone’s death to advertise her business. That’s some ashy shit right there.
by MavenNoire October 16, 2020
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Appearence of fine white powder or dust on legs. caused by dry skin in winter.
by sdubsminn January 8, 2009
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Ashy can mean many different things. It's a word used to describe someones negative status, negative feelings, or negative being in any way. Ashy can mean shitty, broke, tired, dirty, old, gay, busted, etc...
Damn bro I've been up all night partying, I'm so Ashy right now.

Man that chump is driving an Ashy car.

You just got paid, how could you already be ashy man?
by GangusKahn August 2, 2010
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A lame or boring Person

A person who lack of good looks
Nigga u ashy
Why u being ashy
by Sip sip November 21, 2018
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A kind girl that is very nice and loves to read. She loves animals and wishes to always be around them. Most girls named Ashi are very pretty as well. Do not underestimate her she can be very strong, too. Her friends love her a lot and she has a pure heart.
"Ashi is one of the kindest girls I have met"
by TipTop^^^ June 12, 2018
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