1) Beyond sucking. A situation that is totally hopeless and just....Blows.
2) A step above suck on the "bad things" scale.
Guy: I have prostate cancer!
Guy #2: Dude that blows hard.
Guy: I wish it could just suck...
by Cheeto July 27, 2003
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Blow - the Coriolis effect making fucking air move around.
I was coked off my face and walked outside at night. The wind was in my face, coming from the east.
"The wind sure did blow."
by Shroomking March 13, 2018
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1. adj. the act of being boring, unpleasing, or just down right dumb.
2. adj. (blow nuts, to) a stronger term used only by elite players of the Warlord CCG.
1. Monday blows, man.
2. This card blows nuts, this blows nuts, this blows nuts....your whole collection blows nuts.
by Narcos September 15, 2003
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"I was trynna find some blow"

"Wheres the fuckin blow"

"Where's the fuckin blow at baby"

"Where's the fuckin blow at dude"

"Get high baby"


"I'm so stoned right now"
by Pink.kvsh February 18, 2016
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A $10 pack of heroin. To inject or snort a $10 pack of heroin. Usually used in poor inner city areas where there is no market for powdered cocaine.
I'd like 3 blows and a 20 of hard, please.
by bigjimi April 05, 2014
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