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a leather goods company that now makes all their bags in China and the quality isn't half as good. Their only worth buying at a department store on sale because they're over-priced at the actually Coach stores and not worth paying full price for.
Lady 1: "Let's head over to The Bay. They have sales on the Coach bags there".

Lady 2: "Ya I would rather buy a coach bag on sale. They make their products in China now!"
by dudelistico2012 August 7, 2011
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Where a person uses their iPhone for everything. (Whether it's for taking pictures, video, Facebook status updates, etc.) It usually refers to people that rely on their iPhone for everything. If anything should happen to it, they lose their iPhone status and fall into the category of "loser". You usually find them hanging out together in gangs. They use FaceTime, even when they are in the same room as one another. They tend to steal free wi-fi from Starbucks just to achieve this task. To get into this gang and achieve a status of "cool" you have to own an iPhone and buy every issue of "iPhone Life" and learn everything about the phone and become a fast texter...
"I'm now afficially apart of "The iPhone Status Gang"-girl

"Welcome to the gang!"-boy
by dudelistico2012 August 7, 2011
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a sunglass brand that's on the fashionable and affordable side. They have become popular over the years. Almost everyone wears them these days. They are sold at Sunglass Hut and Holt Renfrew. These Italian made sunglasses are worth owning since they are well made and last years and years.
guy: "avoid the dollar store. Buy real Wayfarers from Ray-Ban!"

guy 2: "They are well made I take it?"

guy: "For a $150-$250 price range I would have to say they are!"
by dudelistico2012 August 8, 2011
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This video store chain that ended up going bankrupt after people started using Netflix and when they started the whole "no late fees" policy at Blockbuster.
"Let's go to Blockbuster...wait it no longer is in business. Oh well. There's always gonna be Netflix!"
by dudelistico2012 August 10, 2011
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a girl that can't stop buying Coach bags because she is too lazy to save up for a Louis Vuitton and would rather own "Made in China" bags because their on the affordable side. They are usually found every pay day at a Coach store cashing in on a Coach bag.
friend: "Why do you own so many Coach bags?"

Coach bag whore: "I can't help it. I'm a Coach bag whore!!"
by dudelistico2012 August 8, 2011
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When a person has sex with someone and they lie there and expect them to do everything to them and they do nothing in return. It usually means they are selfish and want nothing more than to get off. They are the kind of people that just want to use people for their own personal gain.
"Are you going to just lie there like a dead fish?"

"I have only thirty minutes, make it snappy!"
by dudelistico2012 August 15, 2011
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when you own a newer Volvo and it is an automatic.
"It's an automatic, man!"

"No...it's a Volvo-matic, my friend!"
by dudelistico2012 August 15, 2011
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