A slang term used in response to something they think is good.Quite frequently used back in the 70's wit the disco balls and what not
guy at the front door- u just won a million dollars

guy who owns house- DyNoMITE!
by sutelc August 8, 2006
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No its not, you dumbass. Its the preferred answer to all the questions that JJ from "Good Times" is asked.
"JJ, you ruined my life"
by Chris Ferguson March 19, 2005
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n. Preferred answer to all of the questions Dave Chappelle is asked.
"Dave Chappelle, you ruined my life."
by david justice March 25, 2003
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I stuck some dynomite up me pussy; I on da rag.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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Some bomb assed dick, master stroker, dick that'll getchyoass sprung!
I couldn't front on ole dude...he gave me that gug-gud...that Dick Dynomite!
by rhenvar January 15, 2010
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one of the funniest freakin movies I've ever seen
Napolean Dynomite: can you bring my chapstick
Kip: no
Napolean: but my lips hurt real bad!
Kip: ask the nurse I know she has like 5 sticks
Napolean: I'm not using her's you sicko!!!!!
by Eazy J October 21, 2005
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