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Bomb dropped in air raids before the incendiary bombs. Used to blow away roofs, so the incendiary (usually thermite or white phosphorus) got better access to the living spaces. The result were fires stoms which killed most people in the area.
Effectively used in WWII on Coventry, Dresden, Hamburg and other cities.

From this, some event or device that destroys entire housing areas - or empties them of people.

Also, something destructive with really big impact.

One Blockbuster dropped on Dresden in WWII killed over 3000 people. Now that's efficiency for you!
by TheRealFoo March 09, 2009

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Cleaning and putting in order your fur (as an animal) or your hair and clothes (as a human).
Grooming as a job is most often performed on horses, but in zoos and circuses all sorts of animals need grooming.
The bridegroom is perfectly groomed, and the bride looks wonderful!
When grooming your horse, you need brushes, towels, combs and sometimes even a vacuum cleaner.
Cats spend 8 to 15 percent of their waking time grooming themselves.
by TheRealFoo July 03, 2013

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