Australian Slang for 30 cans of beer in a box.
1 - Fuck getting a slab mate grab a block! its like getting more beer for free!

2 - Grab a block mate
But only shit beer like emu and new make em
by drunk_aussie May 12, 2005
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Some thing that could possibly be knocked-off as opposed to knocked up
That guy was acting up, so i was forced to knock his block off
by AK43 January 12, 2006
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To stand in the way of a teammate during counterstrike preventing them from getting to cover. Annoying when you're being shot at, and try to hide, but cannot move because there's a teammate in the way.
PMG, that n00b blocker just got me killed when trying to reload!
by xyvo July 19, 2005
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the head on yo' shoulders!! --duh! thats like the only RIGHT definition!
i'll take out my glock, and knock yo *block* off!!!
by Stepz May 14, 2005
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A term used by motorcycle stunt riders to define how long they can hold a trick for
That guy wheelied for blox and blox!!!!
by Dlish July 06, 2005
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Rubish. A word to express annoyance or show anger at a ridiculous statement. The American way to say bollocks.
Raed: I am so happy to see you today!
Natalia: Blocks!
Raed: It's "bollocks" idiot.
by RIRN February 08, 2009
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