The most useful and most immature tool of MSN Messenger
"Some mofo was talking to me on msn and annoying the shit out of me so i hit the block button and blocked them!"
by gapi June 10, 2009
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Blocks is like the adjective of jawn. It can be used to mean fire,tuff,lit,or dead/beat
That jawn is blocks
by Urbaine dictionary April 18, 2019
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Probably the most useful tool on MSN messenger
what i do to retarted people who either say "ROFL OMG LMAO LOLZ" or a damn annoying white ho named morgan who thinks shes really cool, but shes a skank
by Protoza November 06, 2004
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Slang term used by one individual to title another in greeting; used in replacement of words such as "dude," "man," dawg," or "G." Originally, "block" was conceived by an individual known only as, Shwin; nevertheless, the word gained increased popularity as, IHOD (the larger group of friends to which he belongs) implemented its usage in countless phrases now made popular in society.
"What up block?"

"Where you at block?"

"Yo block, lets get these chicks back to the crib."
by Board of Admissions January 22, 2011
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The thing you plug your usb charger In to.
Does any one have a block to charge my phone? I left my block at home.
via giphy
by fallingstarsarebeautiful August 01, 2020
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Short for "monoblock," a type of cast automotive wheel. Common in Southern rap, particularly from Houston.
"Sittin' fat down south, rollin' Benz on blocks, mo' scrilla I got signin' with Short Stop..."
-Lil' Will, from Lil' Troy's Wanna Be a Baller
by Adrian West January 22, 2009
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