Blinglish is the vocabulary of corrupted English words created and used in hip hop by bejeweled celebrities, particularly gangsta (witness!) rappers, to identify themselves and to tell their stories. It is a product of ignorance and poor schooling masquerading as independent thought.
Everything gon be alright; bottle poppin; u betta run wit it; conversate with some chicks; clowned Before we end up fightin; Ludacris (song title), etc., ad nauseam.

The rapper might have a story to tell or a lesson to teach, but, since he's using Blinglish, he's keeping his message a secret from everyone except those who already know it.
by Matt Gaffney October 03, 2006
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Economic language used to 'oversimplify' the complexities of the Global credit crisis in plain terms within New Zealand and Australia.
"Crikey the recession's over" said Blinglish.
by BDB inc October 27, 2009
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its a word that the people in the ghetto use to define english when they have to go to that class, its used in the schools.
guy 1: yo what class u got
guy 2: yo guy i got blinglish my nigga
guy 1: fo shit man that sucks big ones
by nick December 03, 2004
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ebonics referring to ones ghettofabulousness
"dat nigga got so much gold in his grill, I could pay my baby momma suppo't fo 6 months!"

"Oh that man's gold teeth are very expensive? I don't speak blinglish very well"
by supaflyhotchick June 21, 2007
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the language of white kids in Somers who think they are black.
Me: What language do you guys speak?
Some Wigger: Yo, I speak Blinglish
by siphon April 04, 2003
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Blinglish is known widely as Black English. First developed in ghettos and now widely used as an urban dilect.
In order to blend in you best be spittin blinglish
by Bruce Lema January 19, 2004
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