A texting term used to forewarn folks of a scandalous attachment. Lets the recipient know to "blind your kids, blind your wife..." A term similar to saying "earmuffs" when using profanity around kids.
Example #1:
Broseph #1: WTFudge! Thanks for the blindfolds (sarcastic)! My wife saw that crap. Sooo... we won't be hanging out for a while.
Broseph #2: My bad!

Example #2:
Blindfolds... (pic attached)
by PJ Maxx November 2, 2010
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while in the 69 position, the partner on top takes a shit on the other partners face so that it covers the eyes of the partner on the bottom. resembling a blindfold.
dude i was on top of your mom 69ing her and gave her the blindfold!
by leo thunderspot July 11, 2008
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A well known Japanese wedding custom where the groom sits on the brides head until his anus covers her eyes blinding her from all other potential suitors. This may be accompanied by a Fukushima Release Valve.
That was the most beautiful Japanese Blindfold I've ever seen performed!
by Penis Curtains January 19, 2021
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When pull down your pants and underwear, you crouch over a girls face, and put each of your balls on the girl's eyes so she cannot see.
"I just gave that blonde a Scottish Blindfold!"
by Man on the ridge August 28, 2011
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While blindfolded you and your partner must make an origami swan with you sexual organs and a piece of paper.

Failure to complete this task will lead to castration with the failed paper swan attempt.
"Im sorry babe we were so close. I really wanted to try the Blindfolded Swan but these paper cuts on my dick are just as bad as castration, so we might as well end it here now."

"Babe I want to try something new. It's called Blindfolded Swan. Wanna try?"
by ShouldWeEvenTryToBeCreatative January 28, 2021
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A sexual act preformed by two people. (M+F or M+M). To perform this act, participants must be in the 69 position and the male, (on top), rests their testicles on the bottom participants eyes.
Wife: How was work today, Honey?

Husband: I was at the water cooler with Mark from Payroll. He was telling me about giving his Wife a Caucasian Blindfold.

Wife: Caucasian Blindfold?

Husband: Yeah. I guess you just rest your balls on someones eyes in a 69 position.

Wife: That sounds nice. Let's try that out.
by dr85 November 8, 2011
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To place the penis into the mouth of a loved one, and to cover their eyes with your testicles whilst doing so.
The only thing she disliked about me giving her a dutch blindfold was that my (pubic) hair got caught in her left eye and it went blood-shot.
by Dazza May 19, 2003
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