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The ultimate act of sexual deviance where the father gets a blow job from his baby momma while his child is being aborted.
Did you know Planned Parenthood will let you do an ablortion?

Instead of a blumpkin, I talked her into an ablortion.

I got off so hard from that ablortion watching my child get sucked out while she was sucking me off!
by Penis Curtains January 12, 2021
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The combination of farting and screaming after performing the Fukushima Release Valve. When the gas passes out of the man and into the woman's nose, she immediately starts trying to buck him off her head leaning back and screaming. The sound produced is that of a wolf howling in agony.
That was the loudest Howl at the Moon I have ever heard! She must really be pissed!
by Penis Curtains January 19, 2021
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A well known Japanese wedding custom where the groom sits on the brides head until his anus covers her eyes blinding her from all other potential suitors. This may be accompanied by a Fukushima Release Valve.
That was the most beautiful Japanese Blindfold I've ever seen performed!
by Penis Curtains January 19, 2021
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The progression of the Japanese Blindfold where the groom proceeds to go further down the bride's face, and his anus envelops her nose as well, then farts spewing toxic gas out of her mouth and into the air. Results in a subsequent Howl at the Moon, and possibly what can only be known as The Hiroshima.

Note: While hilarious, this is not a recommended progression of the custom since it has resulted in pink eye and bacterial pneumonia.
I can't believe he pulled off the Fukushima Release Valve! What a lucky biride.
by Penis Curtains January 19, 2021
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An accident that results while performing the Japanese Blindfold and Fukushima release valve. Only once thus far in history a groom slipped on a piece of sashimi while sitting on his bride's head completely enveloping it all the way past her mouth with his anus. When he farted the air could not escape her mouth, and blew her eyes out of their sockets with the force of a nuclear explosion.
"If you talk back to me one more time, I will give you The Hiroshima at the wedding tonight!"
by Penis Curtains January 19, 2021
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