To kill in one shot from fully healthy. Use dates to the late 80's and early 90's believed to primarily start in the text based games especially the online format called "MUDS"

Still popular in gamer culture among MUDSs and some MmoRPG.
"Dude I was totally blicked." or "I'm to big for this zone. I just blick everything".
by .Justaguy November 5, 2016
So black that one appears slick- like oil.
I thought I was dark til I seen dat nigga- his ass is blick!
by Chuck March 21, 2004
Term used mostly in Chicago to refer to a gun. Could be use as a adjective, example a be "foe nem got to blicking across the street".
by ChiCity_Villian January 7, 2020
A gun, particularly a pistol

Like glocks, smiths, sigs, 1911
Yo we about to rob this gun dealer of all his blicks n**** we gonna run up in that b**** grab all those pistols
by Realniggashitonbd December 30, 2020
Blick: someone who is extremely black/dark
Usually only used by black or blick people
"bruv your so blick"
"shut up mate ill deck your nan"
by brexyboi June 11, 2019
A Black man who uses a sun bed.
Black lad: "I'm buying a sun bed"

Friend : "Why?, You're Black!"

Black lad: "I wanna become Blick!"
by A. Nunes Duarte February 7, 2008