A misspelt way of saying black from the sidemen video: SIDEMEN READ TWEETS
Josh_Harakis said, “KSI Looks like Blick Baboon Lmao
KSI Looks like Blick Baboon Lmao
When a streetlight goes out near you for seamingly no reason
I was waiting at the bus stop when the LPG above me blicked.
by Osbaston February 8, 2014
Blick is the word used to describe a black man that fits in with the black man sterotype. This can consist of baggy trousers, a rapper, big caps, gold chains and a limp. However 'blick' is normally used when a person over exagerates every aspect of the stereotype.
'Could that guy be any more blick?'

'Thats the most blick person i've ever seen'

'My friends blick'
by nhulme August 1, 2008
you're so black so you almost appear purple.
you're superrr blick. yikes.
by ballerrrrrrrrrrr May 2, 2016
When you block someone so good they lick their own butthole.
by GoddessMandy1 December 31, 2020
A fanciful way to swear/express anger in a safe, non-offensive way while also adding comic relief to the situation. (Blick can in no way be used to harm another person emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially i.e. "Blick you!")
"Blick, I dropped my phone." "I just got blicked by that test." "Blicking blick!"
by TheHappyGorilla February 14, 2017
Blick is love. Blick is life.
by Dadzawa June 26, 2018