Small Penis, less than 3 inches fully erected. So small that it cannot reach the "G-Spot".
James Gilbraith
by Tony Leedam June 28, 2003
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Eng: (adj) an undefinable, incomprihsable state
German: View, vista

Its kinda like meh, bleh, or keh, or all those other "i have no identifiable emotions' words
today was fairly blick, i need a drink
by Jacko December 15, 2003
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when after 7 generations a person in a white family turns out to be black!
"why do u look black when you are white?"
"because im blick yo"
by elohcin September 18, 2004
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Blick is the word used to describe a black man that fits in with the black man sterotype. This can consist of baggy trousers, a rapper, big caps, gold chains and a limp. However 'blick' is normally used when a person over exagerates every aspect of the stereotype.
'Could that guy be any more blick?'

'Thats the most blick person i've ever seen'

'My friends blick'
by nhulme August 01, 2008
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