1. A phrase used, when woman is looking so good, and you want to let her know you are admiring gods design. 2. Also can be used, if a statement is made that made your dick jump a little.
1. Beloved your body is looking angelic right now. God Bless You.

2. She says: Yeah you gotta have the meat loaf in its entirety. He says: God Bless you
by OEBaby. January 05, 2017
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After cumming in a person's mouth, you hit them in the back of the head or make them laugh and it will come out their nose. Also see the Dragon's Breath.
Rob gave Sarah a God Bless You and a kleenex.
by Tyler Stebbins July 20, 2006
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A Blanket Bless You is given to a person who is constantly sneezing - and covers the entire day, so that you don't have to keep saying "bless you" every twenty-seven seconds.
My mom suffers from seasonal allergies, and, yesterday, she was sneezing so much I finally issued a Blanket Bless You.
by Kalisiin April 25, 2014
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when you release cum all over a gals face
my gal said bless you dick when it sneezed all this cum on her face
by Joe April 23, 2005
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This is a humorous way to be thankful for the positives of nature, summer rain, love...
God bless you God, for sending each man a woman!
by I, Wreckerrr January 25, 2021
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