Science Bless You (SBY): The proper response one gives to an individual that sneezes who does not believe in paganistic rituals or fairy tales.
Science Bless You (SBY)

Mike sneezed into his hand.

Adam, " SBY my friend, SBY"

Mike; " Thanks man, it was a nasty one."
by Imade Bigbrown August 11, 2010
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Toronto Term for asking someone if they're Ight
Wasteyute: EY yo David You blessed?

David: Ya Fam dw about me dawg I'm just chillen here on the porch
by XGN Remy VII March 22, 2016
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Also known as may the jannies bless you.
By uttering this phrase you're wishing your desired target to be banned.
someone: *shills for cuntpitalism*
me: may the mods bless you!
by #LGCC9CCPP September 01, 2021
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What you say to someone when they hiccup. Typically used for those random, really loud hiccups that sound painful instead of awkward eye contact and confusion.
Person A: *really loud and painful hiccup out of no where*
Person B: "Kazoon-you-bless!"
Person A: "Thanks, buddy!"
by TasteTheMaple September 09, 2017
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When someone dislikes another individual in the workplace or elsewhere and decides to issue a "bless you" to everyone but that person when he or she sneezes, indicating a lack of worthiness and respectability.
"I don't think Jenna likes me anymore."
"Why not?"
"She gave the selective bless-you to everyone who sneezed in the office today but me, even though I sneezed three different times."
"Oh, that sucks."
by Sir Jobeykobra March 26, 2014
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The Christian way of absolutely exposing someone and sharing the truth about ones self for everyone to hear.

Yelling at someone with purpose.
Mrs. Smith was just blessing me up because I forgot to do my homework.

Olivia, she was absolutely blessing you up for doing that in church.
by shhheeeeesssshhhh May 04, 2021
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" Your cute" / childish mostly used on girls

Invented by Zarn Murphy
When she makes a fool of herself

"Bless you child "
by Azupazdwn October 12, 2020
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