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1) A word to be used when you have forgotten the word in a sentence. It's like a variable for words.

2) A word to be stated when an awkward atmosphere is created (usually by your own doing). Supposedly helps with the awkward feeling

3) A word bearing significance of Bleggaman. Meant to be stated out loud at random
1) Person: the towel is very... i forgot the word... The towel is very Bleg... like wet, but not as wet. Like damp but... i'm not sure

2) Guy 1: Dude! hey, i saw your mom at Walmart yesterday! She looks like she's lost weight!
Guy 2: ...
Guy 1: ... that's not how that sounded in my head
Guy 2: ...
Guy 1: ... Bleg

3) Anyone: Bleg!
by Bleggaman October 07, 2013
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Whenever hot sweaty balls stick to the inside of your leg effectively becoming one body part. This usually requires peeling your ball bag from your leg.
Its so freaking hot, I've got some serious bleg going on
by 33ยฐ September 02, 2010
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A noun or verb; an appeal for thoughts or more to readers of one's blog. A combination of blog + beg.
We are organizing ourselves in traditional methods; information comes from a central source perhaps in the form of a bleg, and people comment or respond privately or send up original material or what-have-you.
by Jay.Dub July 10, 2008
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To beg for money on a blog. Beg + blog == bleg.
I hate to bleg, but my car just got totaled and I really need some money to continue bringing you this high-quality blog material.
by CaspianFox May 25, 2005
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n.when BUTT and LEG become one.

Can be seen on daisy-duke wearin' 55 yr. old trailor trash, little old men who wear their pants up to their armpits, or tiny little asian girls.

Bleg happens when there is no distinction of the ass-cheeks, therefore creating the illusion that the posterior side is all sort of fused together, without any curves.
OMG!!! Take that shit off immediately. It makes it look like you have bleg!

Would you like to squeeze my bleg?

Mary Alice went to see her plastic surgeon for some butt implants to correct her unsightly bleg.
by Mandor May 06, 2005
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