A word with 3 definitions

1) A word to be used when you have forgotten the word in a sentence. It's like a variable for words.

2) A word to be stated when an awkward atmosphere is created (usually by your own doing). Supposedly helps with the awkward feeling

3) A word bearing significance of Bleggaman. Meant to be stated out loud at random
1) Person: the towel is very... i forgot the word... The towel is very Bleg... like wet, but not as wet. Like damp but... i'm not sure

2) Guy 1: Dude! hey, i saw your mom at Walmart yesterday! She looks like she's lost weight!
Guy 2: ...
Guy 1: ... that's not how that sounded in my head
Guy 2: ...
Guy 1: ... Bleg

3) Anyone: Bleg!
by Bleggaman October 8, 2013
A brief statement used to express boredom or distaste, often appearing in text messages to indicate frustration with a given set of circumstances. Sounds a lot like blech, but is never spoken out loud.
It's been a long day...bleg.
by dblandon March 11, 2008
Bleg - "Bl-Egg" is a state of inner piece and outer mind.

It has been known for bleg to completely take over people's lives as they search.
by Cmhirkies February 6, 2011
A bum-leg. "Bleg" defines a person who has no crease or definition between their buttocks and legs. Straight up and down.
Simone: I wish i had a bum
Nadine: Gurl you've got a clear Bleg!
Simone: Damnnn i need to work out then.
by Clement Chung October 24, 2013
To be bleg'ed
I have bleg'ed you
by The Blegzorian Commander August 27, 2003
The part of your body between the leg and the balls
Joe: did i just kick you in the balls
Conor: no you missed and got me in the bleg
by IAMAWESOME123456789 August 21, 2010