an expression such as disgusting, yucky, horrid, gross...usually in taste.
Melissa "Blech! that shirt with those jeans makes me want to gag!"
Susan "Blech! eww, this pizza tastes rancid!"
by fred almighty April 18, 2007
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A) a sound used to describe boredom, or mediocrtie; B)to find something wholly offensive as to want to throw up to purge the sensation from the mind and/or body; C) average
Rachel and Jonny are sitting on a couch. Rachel asks Jonny what he's feeling. Jonny replies, "Blech."
by Anna-Elizabeth May 26, 2005
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im bored.......blech....
by Heather January 17, 2005
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used when one must go to one's work, but hates their work because of crappy pay, crappy hours, and crappy bosses.
Hey amber, When do you work?

Friday or saturday; Blech! I hate Forza!
by Wes Ton More O October 23, 2008
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to feel gross or disgusting, depressed or icky
by CarlyJean September 28, 2008
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A smelly bitch...thats right you heard me!
"I was driving and all of a sudden I started smelling something sort of like rotten milk and I knew Blech had to be near...she smells like rotten milk"
by HOTTIE November 10, 2004
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