e.g. Blow, Scottish slang for Hashish.
Only used for describing Hashish.
Haw Tam, got any blaw ?
by Drewbud315 May 4, 2007
-A word that describes complete randomness.

- Used if you have no other comback or words.


After weeks of hard-labour and little rest, words and comeback's become a stuggle to dish out, so instead the phrase "blaw" was created to stop this akward silence and to offend my other workmate.
Person 1: "Fuck you"

Person 2: "...Blaw you"

Person 1: "What the fuck?"

Person 2: "Blaw the blaw?"
by Kieron McBlawzy May 3, 2011
Adj. Bland uninspired food.
CiCi's is cheap and unlimited, but the food is blaw.
by Cordia55 August 29, 2009
The combination of the two words; bloody and awful. It is used in the most extreme of situations when the problem cannot be described as just awful. It needs a suitable adjective to express and create more emphasis. It is the direct opposite of blawesome
Badar: Have a blawesome day!

Jimmi: I don't want to have a blawful one
by Spoony Mcspoonspoon February 7, 2012
Ba-Blaw is a phrase used to reference a man's ejaculate.
"oh man i was bangin' this one chick last night that i met at the club"

"did she let you shoot your Ba-Blaw on her?'
by Cuban Bizzle September 13, 2010
bling bling worn for fighting purposes: example {brass knuckles
Look at my brand new bling-blaw.
by jdb January 13, 2004
a phrase to say "I kill you"
"That was a blicka blaw!" -Tracer
by Dee February 15, 2004