An evening of drinking where you have certian parts of the night removed from your memory
by Rob Parker January 23, 2003
Shut the fuck up before i blank on yo ass.

i blanked on him.
by mizzbabyphat July 25, 2005
To wank twice at the same time, or to double-wank
"Aw, yeah, John was busy blanking in Miss Harto's class. She's just so hot he grew another dick and just started wanking both of them!"
by iwheeze March 1, 2019
by -_____-..____..-_ February 17, 2020
\'blangk\ noun 1: a person who is void of any tattoos. not having writing, marks, body art, or ink anywhere on their body 2: an individual having unlimited spaces on their body to be filled with tattoos 3: someone who is going in for their first tattoo 4: a pristine, unmarred, untattooed, boring body
"Can you believe he was a blank before he got that zipper tattoo around his neck?"
Do not be afraid to approach the blank. Although they may appear to be different and have a slight white eerie glow, never fear .... they are not contagious.
by Mistress Q February 8, 2008
1. Blank
to cuss; to cuss someone out
2. Blanked
(past tense)
to have cussed; to have cussed someone out
"Man **** you!"
"Oh snap, that trilla just blanked"
by walty February 12, 2005