A scummy sea-side town which is apparently better than King's Lynn. The lovely accents of the people who live there, the wonderful sights to see. Probably one good school in the whole place and that is full of crack-heads and stoners.

The people who go there on holiday are either really scraping the barrel or they are Jack and Vera Duckworth.
"Wow. Blackpool is so much better than King's Lynn!" an old Lynner.
"Yeah. The skanky sea, the poor inhabitants, the urchin children. The list of great things about Blackpool is endless!"
by takethataspin July 01, 2009
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Blackpool, a somewhat appropriate name seeing as this place is shit, if it was any good they might have named it "Bluepool", but Blackpool is a dirty place full of greasy burger bars and bong shops so it was aptly named in hindsight.

The only "architecture" per se is an old rusty tower made from what appears to be lollypop sticks which is called "Blackpool Tower". The residents of this charming town aren't exactly known for culture, intelligence or skin regime; they can be seen meandering around the town centre with sullen faces and bad teeth carrying Lidl bags. If you have any modicum of ambition, you get out of Blackpool fast. It's truely soul destroying. It also has a "Pleasure Beach".
Blackpool Resident: "Oi ya twat giss a quid"
Canadian Tourist:" Ok ok just don't kill me, i only wanted to visit the pleasure beach."
by Master Bates101 September 06, 2007
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Blackpool is a shitty seaside town full of nittys who chill on cenny drive asking tramps to go in the shop n buy them some voddy. The fy4 lads are full of smackhead teens also known as the Highfield mandem ripping bongs and dropping garry’s on Common Edge and Highfield Road.
Lad - Oi go in headline n get us some jps players red n some voddy or ill stab ye nan.
Old man - Where do you think you are son.
Lads - Blackpool init
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by blackpool is shit.xo July 27, 2019
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When something new starts out great and then soon goes downhill. From the football club Blackpool winning their first ever Premiership game 4-0 and then losing their second 6-0.
Guy 1: How's the new job going?

Guy 2: At first it seemed awesome but now it's just so punishing!

Guy 1: Sounds like you're having a Blackpool.
by Christovk8 August 21, 2010
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Blackpool, a seaside town, located in England, obviously. It's known for a Giant Rusty Cock (Blackpool Tower) in the centre, people are generally stunned at this and must enter for whatever reason (maybe they think the structure is a subliminal message for the best Cat House ever).

However, there is more attractions than the Giant Rusty Cock, many more actually (all being shit, but that's not the point). You have the Pleasure Beach, but I esure you; you won't get any pleasures there (or if you define pleasure as going on a bunch of rusty, unsafe structures for an overpriced payment). Inside the Pleasure Beach, there is many rides, such as the 'Big One' (if that's not an innuendo, I don't know what is). Then there's just rides that are too tragic to name.

Then there's the public, boy howdy - how amazing. It's friendly, very friendly I tell you. Homeless, chavs and drug addicts will remind you that Blackpool is the ideal vacation for you! Asking you for spare change, a lighter or prehaps just to give them a handjob because you seem to have a 'pretty face' in the eyes of a middle age'd crack addict.

But overall, Blackpool does have its upsides. I mean, who else has a Dixyland?
Blackpool, chavs, homeless, drug addict, dixyland
by Adamrhere November 25, 2010
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Grey seaside town with sea water that could burn your feet off.
Has the highest number of drug addicts in the uk.
Most kids live in maccies and smoke cancer sticks aka fags everyday.
Populated by chavs who live off benefits and spend their days harassing people.
The streets leading into Blackpool are full of druggies, borded up shops and teen mums.
Some favourite things to do by people living in Blackpool are arson, drug abuse and alcholism.
The Blackpool tower is a cheap version of the Eiffel Tower covered in lights but so cheap only about three work.
I went to Blackpool and saw the grey sea
by Cured.chickenmayo December 30, 2018
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A town in the north west of England, approximately 50 miles from Manchester.Blackpool is without a shadow of a doubt the most dismal,suicide provoking and disgusting places you will ever visit.
i heard the Uk government were planning to test nuclear weapons in Blackpool in the hope it might kill some of the scum that live there.
by MaddieMcantfindher March 15, 2016
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