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A truly magnificiant hotspot in the UK. The number one seaside resort clocks up more visitors than anywhere else in the UK. It is that good, you have to feel sorry for the nearby places such as Preston. A lot of people who visit Preston to watch their respective team play football end up staying in Blackpool for a weekend. This consequently means lost revenue for Preston. However, this is just a sign of how good Blackpool is. With the further development of casinos and modernising the pier, Blackpool will always remain one of the great towns in the UK.
Pleasure Beach, third biggest attraction in europe
by danny smith November 11, 2004

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Is what Sheffield Wednesday fans are known as. They try and label the blades fans as piggys but they are fighting a lost cause because everyone knows Wednesday as the piggys. This once great club has now fallen into obscurity. Yorkshire is embarassing enough but Sheff Wed is now the embarassment of Yorkshire. These people must be sick and tired about hearing how big Wednesday are, when really the bottom line is they make Doncaster look good.

As for Sheffield itself, its become one big pile of mess ever since the steel industry collapsed. Therefore, it is understandable that the working class folk of sheffield battle day and night to call each other piggy's.
An example of a piggy will be found at Hillsbrough. As the saying goes, if pigs could fly, hillsbrough would be an airport
by Danny Smith November 11, 2004

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