Blackpool is a town in the North West full of tramps and run down flats. Walk down Central Drive and you’ll be met with prostitutes, crackpots and a shit ton of pedophiles. The ‘Blackpool Boys’ shit it from Fleetwood and get banged by a group of Fy7 girls. They can’t fight without bringing their deadly kitchen knives along with them. Two Words For It ‘FUCK FY1’.
‘Can tell they’re from Blackpool’
by The Fy1 Destroyer March 02, 2019
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A town in the north east known for its sea being dirtier than a sewer
Most of the kids either live at maccies or smoke fags everyday
Blackpool tower is the snide eifel tower
Let’s go get blazed in blackpool
by Cured.Chicken November 24, 2018
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Town full of wettys n boys carrying knifes thinking there ten men when there just little low life’s there pyscho paths they are gonna get banged by fy7 but Blackpool just think there solid it’s a bunch of crackheads n needles lying about.
Blackpool is full of tramps.
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by blackpoolboizthinkingthereit December 11, 2019
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