A Black Rat is a popular drink in Australia, made from a mix of Bundaberg Rum (Bundy) and Coke. Black Rats can be purchased in a pre-mixed form in either a can or bottle, or the traditional "mix it yourself" method using a bottle of Bundy and your own Coke.

The Black Rat has been categorised by the Australian Government as an alcho-pop, thus attracting a higher rate of tax than a standard Bundy & Coke. Thus, the Black Rat is often only affordable by the discerning, older drinker.
Miss, may I have 4 Black Rats please? One is for me, one is for my mate Kevin, and there's two for Maryanne, our Sheila.

In the rare event the bartender is unaware that Black Rat is Aussie slang for a Bundy and Coke, an explanation may be required. Usually the explanation draws an appreciative giggle as a response, acting as a catalyst for ongoing excellent service. Often with cries from the bartender, "Hey Mate, another four Black Rats?" Now that's service.
by Barry Mundy June 30, 2010
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Black Rat, Bundaberg Rum and Coke. Formerly known as the Black Rat of Tobruk. The Black Rat is a Drink, which Winston Churchill toasted, with the Rats of Tobruk during August 1941. Rumor has it that Churchill gifted Bundaberg Rum from the Australian Prime Minister toasted the Australian Troops during a gathering the on an evening of August 1941. Churchill who was short of Rum mixed the drink with Cognac and Cola, members of the 9th Australia Division drank from their canteen cups and the Black Rat was born. Stars and Sprites Magazine quoted Churchill via unofficial sources in the July 1941 Issue, “Let no man doubt the hardship, which you have endued and died for on these desert fields. On this day, our day of victory in Africa, I give to you our RATs the Black Rat! God save the King! God Save the Rats!”
My good women go hence forth from this place and return with your busty self a black rat for myself and my good friend mathious, his will have extra rat, yeeesss!
by Mathious June 10, 2011
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Black rat is the slang for rum-cola, which is a popular alcoholic drink in Australia made by mixing local rum and coke. Most pre-mixed black rats are produced by big rum companies and are packaged in commercial bottles. Despite the boom of these pre-mixed black rats, there is nothing better than the labor of mixing your own Australian-distilled rum to some regular cola.

The most popular rums in Australia are the ones found in Queensland in the town of Bundaberg. Rums that are made by the town of Bundaberg are excellent for mixing, such as the rums from Waterview Distillery and Bundaberg Distillery.
Me and my mates are going to have 5 black rats, please.
by ev.mate September 25, 2013
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Originally Met traffic officer. Now in general use. Alledgedly chosen as a motif because it's one of the only animals that'll actually eat it's own young! Until fairly recently a traffic officer could place a black rat sticker in their private car as an unobtrusive way of 'showing out' to colleagues, in the hope that they wouldn't get pulled for driving offences etc. Now-a-days it's more than likely that the car doing 90mph in front of you with a rodent sticker on it's number plate isn't actually being driven by a Black Rat, but a slag boy racer who's chancing his arm. Give him a tug.
I've just been stuck on by the Black Rat's
by The Boyo October 12, 2006
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