a type of goddess usually in the form of a person who’s known to be multi-talented and intelligent at the same tine.
i just knew she’s a rafa
by tifhjc October 12, 2021
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A goddess from the lands of Marikina City who’s proven to be a multi-talented artist from head to toe.
by tifhjc October 12, 2021
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Rafa is the girl everyone wants to be. She's the "her" of her school, the girl that everyone chases just to win her heart. One of the most beautiful girls I have seen in my whole life.
by ciggsaftersex September 17, 2021
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A nickname for Rafael. He makes the best little brother and often behaves a lot like the person he shares a room with. He keeps to himself for the most part but once you get to know him he opens up.
Rafa you're an amazing brother and friend !!
by CyntiaMiley February 27, 2020
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nickname for tennis player Rafael Nadal, world #2 and Wimbledon champion from Spain.
Did you see Rafa beat Federer today?

I <3 Rafa.

Rafa is amazing on both clay and grass.
by tennisfan July 11, 2008
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It is a nickname given for boys and girl for the names Rafael, Rafaela or Rafaelle.
"Rafa is the tallest girl on her class"
"Rafa Nadal is a very good guy when he is playing tennis"
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Rafa is not very handsome but he has a kind heart. He's very quite and he's a good listener. He can play the guitar and he's very good at drawing.

Rafa if you see this, it's G
Is that rafa? wow he looks so cool.
rafa is a good listener.
by ijimayouriga March 26, 2022
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