High-end brand of clothing designed by Belgian designer Raf Simons.
"Yeah I rock the Raf, yeah I bought the Wraith" - A$AP Rocky
by Kullipappi November 30, 2016
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Great at sport and is always looking out for his girlfriend.. he may be small but can jump REALLY HIGH. A Raf is a nice genuine person who is trustworthy and great to have around. He will always take on dares and will try his best to win a bet.
Person one: Hey Raf I dare you to hug ur crush in the middle of the cricket game.
Raf: *drops his bat and sprints towards Ruby*
by Sport15 November 12, 2019
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A man who features his jawline and cheekbone in order to impress kids on Cartoon Network.
Steve: “I gotta say, that guy Raf on television threw me off guard when he was doing an experiment with sour cream and a tissue.”
by BigBoi724 March 14, 2019
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To be extremely cheesy. Especially relating to dancing or the heart.
"I think we should dance in the rain together because I love you."
"Are you Raffing me?"
by Stella Zinman August 7, 2009
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