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Black Rat, Bundaberg Rum and Coke. Formerly known as the Black Rat of Tobruk. The Black Rat is a Drink, which Winston Churchill toasted, with the Rats of Tobruk during August 1941. Rumor has it that Churchill gifted Bundaberg Rum from the Australian Prime Minister toasted the Australian Troops during a gathering the on an evening of August 1941. Churchill who was short of Rum mixed the drink with Cognac and Cola, members of the 9th Australia Division drank from their canteen cups and the Black Rat was born. Stars and Sprites Magazine quoted Churchill via unofficial sources in the July 1941 Issue, “Let no man doubt the hardship, which you have endued and died for on these desert fields. On this day, our day of victory in Africa, I give to you our RATs the Black Rat! God save the King! God Save the Rats!”
My good women go hence forth from this place and return with your busty self a black rat for myself and my good friend mathious, his will have extra rat, yeeesss!
by Mathious June 10, 2011
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