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A Black Rat is a popular drink in Australia, made from a mix of Bundaberg Rum (Bundy) and Coke. Black Rats can be purchased in a pre-mixed form in either a can or bottle, or the traditional "mix it yourself" method using a bottle of Bundy and your own Coke.

The Black Rat has been categorised by the Australian Government as an alcho-pop, thus attracting a higher rate of tax than a standard Bundy & Coke. Thus, the Black Rat is often only affordable by the discerning, older drinker.
Miss, may I have 4 Black Rats please? One is for me, one is for my mate Kevin, and there's two for Maryanne, our Sheila.

In the rare event the bartender is unaware that Black Rat is Aussie slang for a Bundy and Coke, an explanation may be required. Usually the explanation draws an appreciative giggle as a response, acting as a catalyst for ongoing excellent service. Often with cries from the bartender, "Hey Mate, another four Black Rats?" Now that's service.
by Barry Mundy June 30, 2010
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