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a backside that possesses qualities of a negro woman. the negro woman tends to have a big round bouncy booty that attracts many negro men with large penises. they tend to enjoy pouring baby oil on the buttoxes and slap them often before and during penetration. it is preferred by many over the negro woman's vagina because of the terrible folk tales of monsters dwelling deep in the vagina cavity.
Cassidy has a real nice Black Ass
by Coopsack February 16, 2011
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a problematic individual, that steals REGARDLESS OF RACE
You blackass stop stealin' cheese from my fridge
by ape January 04, 2004
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Child that is not minding his mother's instructions or directions
Da'Quan, what time did I tell ya to be back in this house? Git your black ass up to your room"
by chuckg April 11, 2013
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Blackass is English translation for the term used by Russians to call any churka.

In Russian - chernozhopy.
Those Caucasian blackasses are invading my Russia.
by judenrat January 11, 2012
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a person who is has really dark skin.;probably darker than the average black person;someone coming from Africa itself or a place where the sun is mostly out.
1)Look at this black-ass he darker than me.
2)Yo, this mo' fo' is burnt. His black-ass must've been cooking in the oven.
by J-Black May 26, 2007
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