biz-NATCH = noun
1. A highly disrespectful slang term.

2. Something you never call Abuelita.
"Shut-up, you old biznatch!" bitch biatch biznitch
by Illuminutti March 3, 2015
never use this word to describe someone's abuelita
They walked into my house
They disrespected my abuelita
They called her a "biznatch"!
by finger fan club June 22, 2022
Normal English - Bitch
Retard English - Biznatch
French - Biznoiche
Italian - Biznachissimo
Spanish - Biznachio
German - Biznachen
Japan - Biznakamura
Russian - Biznadetz
Gujarati - Biznander
Saudi Arabia - Al Bin Makhtoum Mohammed Mohammed Abdul Ahmed Khan Bizladen Hussein
Eygpt - Boutros Boutrous Biznoutros
Irish - O'Biznatch
Scotland - McBiznatch
Azerbaijan - Bizofoshiznatch
Search Engine: Biznoogle
As an element - Biznatchium (Chemical Symbol) Bz
Normal English: You Sir, are a bitch.
Retard English: You am these biznatch.

French: Est-ce que vouz savez que vouz etes une biznoiche.
Italian: L'opera aveva luogo biznachissimo
Spanish: Cuando estamos en la fiesta, queiro gritar biznachio.
German: Du bist eine grosse bizachen.
Japanese: の夫人、雌犬である
Russian: Ti bliad' biznadetz!
Gujarati: Jaldi, Jaldi, Biznander
Arabic: أنا العاهرة
Egypt: أنا Boutros Boutros العاهرة
Irish: Poch ma hon O'Biznatch
Scotland: Fàilte, Ceud mìle fàilte McBiznatch
Azerbaijan: xoş, üræyæyatan Bizofoshiznatch.
by GlobalBiznatch August 15, 2009
A ghetto way of saying "bitch". It was used in the early nineties by teenagers, but took a while to progress to the ghetto. It is often used instead of bitch when one doesn't want to come across as a jerk.
Call me, biznatch!

Hey, wanna go get some KFC, biznatch?
by GhettoMuchacha March 17, 2011
A replacement mainly used by highschoolers to replace the word Bitch...Using the term this way can sumtimes be accepted by teachers..parents..or other adults or faculty...Biznatch can be said jokingly to friends
(to a friend)
Whats up biznatch?
(Around teachers)
i hate them there biznatches
(Around parents)
My sister is a biznatch
by RockBam44 August 28, 2005
buisness bitch biznass biznatches biatch
Combination of "Buisness" and "Bitch." A noun describing a noon-hour stripper, fling (usually an office fling during lunch), or prostitute.
Buisness man 1: Would you like to join us for lunch?
Buisness man 2: Sorry, fellas, I gotta take care of some biznatch.
by po_ette_tree April 15, 2011