Play on the many slang derivitives of bitch, biznatch is originally a pun on biz and snatch; i.e. nice pussy.
Mmm can smell dat biznatch fro here
by Michael Patricks August 04, 2005
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Not quite a bitch, but not quite a not-bitch. Mostly to be used by wiggers and the like.
"Yo, 'sup, biz-natches?!"
by DJ ZaSalaSala January 04, 2009
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1. A censored synonym for bitch

2. A way of addressing a friend, especially in an excited manner.

3. Expressing annoyance to an acquaintance.

1. "That bi..."
*Teacher walks by*
"...IZNATCH annoys the hell out of me!"

"Congrats dawg!"

by PirateFabck April 27, 2009
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Biznatch- a girl who is a whore. Can be used as a insult on any girl.
Fuck you Biznatch!
by SnoopDOGGeezie February 20, 2003
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He who is God, the one who knows all, sees all and is capable of all. The omniscient and omnipotent.
The mighty biznatch from above is shining upon me today. I won $3,000,000 just for walking into hooters!
by Ghod November 07, 2003
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1) buisness, used when someone is being nosy, often followed by the second definition...
2) bitch
That's not your biz natch, biz natch!
by speledwrong May 13, 2003
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