When a woman relies on guys to buy her drinks
"Lol, hey, so, I'm gonna pay in Bitchcoin. Who wants to buy me a drink?
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 20, 2018
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She’s my bitchcoin. I’m gonna send that bitch out to make me some coin.
by Coolsaint April 03, 2018
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To bitchcoin: (verb) (v.)

To bitchcoin out, a non-believer. The act of ducking out like a pussy.

Bitchcoin: (noun) (n.)

Legal tender. Totally legit. Khajit has wares if you have the bitchcoin.
“Man I was gonna buy a house and shit, but i bitchcoined out of it.”
by ߷߷߷߷LIT߷߷߷߷ January 06, 2018
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It's the bitches' internet currency. Used by bitches who want to trade bitchness.
- You'll have to pay for that nasty comment.
- So, here, take five bitchcoins.
by Frajolão November 22, 2013
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