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Supervisory help, or corrective action taken against you by your upper level management, or by some outside organization that you pissed off.
Pronounced either 'hepp', or in southern as 'hay-up'
You screwed up. You're gonna get some hepp.
by Muley101 July 17, 2016
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A person who demands a huge amount of useless make-work from others on a whim.
ex.: I really think that bridge would look much better over there.
My manager is such a a "bridge mover". I can't get any real work done for all the useless reporting he demands in order to justify his executive position.
by Muley101 September 15, 2015
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Yellow paint thrown at the scene of police atrocities, like beatings, shootings, or even speed traps, court houses , etc. to warn the public and show the cowardice of the police. Often containing human urine. January is Yellow Stain of Shame month while December 29th (Wounded Knee Massacre day) is YSOS day.
Those pigs deserve the Yellow Stain Of Shame!
by Muley101 August 20, 2015
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Yellow paint, in bottles or balloons, containing human urine, thrown in protest at the scene of police beatings, police shootings, and police speed traps in order to warn the public of these police activities.
Those pigs get the yellow stain of shame
by Muley101 September 02, 2015
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