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US Navy term for an intercom or amplified circuit used to communicate between spaces of the ship.
Who was calling on the bitch box?
by Atomic Johnny March 30, 2005
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The very person everyone use's as an outlet to explain their problems, and life situations. Usually the quite person who just looks smart to every bloody idiot with a whiney problem.
When you are the Bitch Box™ expect people to randomly talk to you about thier day..then progress into their problems and question you on how to fix it. You're no doctor so why the hell should you help them out?? just simply answer all emotional questions "yeah thats a bummer" "seems pretty intresting" or "yeah i'd say talk to him/her".

The Bitch Box can easily be manipulated on either AIM or the Tele. Usually they can not get out of a situation fast enough or come up with a good enough excuse. Be on top of your game for excuses if you don't want to be the Bitch Box.

If and When you are the Bitch Box, don't expect any care, just douchebags and whiney girls asking for advice.
Starring: Squarez, Jablez, Nillaz
Here is the Male/Male Bitch Box...not really a "sexual" matter just 2 dudes, one being a bitch who cries.
Sq: "hey jablez sup"
Jb: "man, my girlfriend just won't shut up about her dog"
Sq: "yeah that sucks"
Jb: "I know what should i do man?"
<Successfully avoiding Bitch Box>
Sq: "fuck if i know, my cats attacking the mirror again" *logs off aim*
<becoming the Bitch Box>
Sq: *gives advice, stays on aim*
Now here is the male/female bitch box situation:
Sq: "hey whats up nilla"
Nl: "hay man, my day sucked so bad...*goes on about day*"
Nl: "what do you think i should do about my job?
<Avoiding the Bitch Box>
Sq: "um...i don't know i'm watching porn"
Sq: "well idk about that, but what else is up?"
<Becoming the Bitch Box>
Sq: "awww poor nillaz, *blahblahblah*"
<3 Square...srsly stop bitching to me people.
by Andre (Square) E. May 27, 2006
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A linux box that's soul purpose is to serve mundane, one time information (ie DNS, routing or proxy serving)
Microsoft's DNS server is a bitchbox owned by akamai.
by Nekret December 09, 2003
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A speaker used for ordering your gut bomb at a fast food place, talking to a teller at a bank drive through, or pretty much any speaker through which you cant understand a word thats being spoken.
Me: "could I just cash this check, please?"
Teller: "bwah doolah achamoo"
Me: "what? what the fuck did you say? I can't understand you through that bitch box!"
by P.C.L. September 07, 2004
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A bitch box is a small car, usually being driven erratically by 18-25 y/o girls and he bitches. There are two kinds of bitch box:

1) The regular bitch box- looks like any other small car when stationary but has the following traits on the road: continuously cutting other drivers off, switching lanes unpredictably, generally having a lot of near-misses.

2) The bogan bitch box- likely to be fitted with a sub-woofer, loud exhaust, hot paint job and/or big stickers. Behaves the same on-road as the regular bitch box

The driver of a bitch box is easily recognisable- will always be talking/texting/updating their facebook status on a mobile phone.
Ted: "Fuck! That car almost ran up the back of that cyclist!"

Linda: "Yep, what a moron. The same Bitch box cut us off earlier coming out of the Westfield carpark"
by NoAbbott4PM August 31, 2013
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