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When you are expecting more out of the situation or a general misfortune that you encounter.
I got Bismarcked today when I got a flat tire on my way to Des Moines.
by Jsuprise May 07, 2009
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When something happens to you that you wish had never happened.
Ted was walking down the street when he looks up to see a girl that he went on two dates with and never called back.

Ted got Bismarcked
by swash buckler May 08, 2009
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A term or condition that has been marked up or doctored so that its original parameters have been intensified to the point of offensiveness.
In a successful attempt to infuriate the French to the point of declaring war in 1870, the Prussian chancellor Otto van Bismarck intercepted Kaiser Wilhelm's letter and bismarcked it, turning it into a direct insult to the French identity.
by Sapporo Jimbo May 17, 2005
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