(Rud--err) People who dress, act, and have the personal hygiene of a bum. These people may stink, wear holey shirts, and definetly have greasy hair.
1. Dressing down today "rudder" style.

2. There are some many rudders at the grocery store the 1st of the month.

3. You're being such a rudder butt today, you haven't even showered.

4. The majority in New Lex School is "rudders". Popular people are actually the minority.

5. If you're on welfare there's a good chance you're a rudder.
by brittastic in Perrydise August 27, 2012
having a hard on while swimming.
I was swimming today in the pool, and could steer so well, I had a rudder!
by MAC DADDY BILLY BOB February 1, 2008
When someone uses there hand to knock a standing man's flacid penis from side to side. The equivalent of motorboating.

Can also do 'tennis ruddering' when you use both hands and bounce the penis between them.

Also possible to do it up and down or with your foot.

Surprisingly satisfying for both particiants
Guy "can I motor boat you?'
Girl "only if I can do some ruddering of you after"
Guy " oh yes please"
by flemmimaid October 22, 2012
When you stick your face in someones ass and proceed to 'motorboat' them
Man this chick has this huge ass I could spend all night ruddering her!
by Demi-God.J January 10, 2011
"Please refrain from posting your Rudder on my artsite," exclaimed Finch!
by Alli with a Y October 14, 2005