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The SExiest name evar!!!

Who ever has this name is beastly awesome and has amazing friends and his awesomeness usually rubs off on them.

People with the name Eduard aren't many so they are very unique.
Wow that guy was cool bet his name is eduard or is friends with some guy named eduard!
by Ur moms best friend July 22, 2009
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a useless person who is most certainly a noob at life. he's normally an azn who wears poc noob glasses, he loves lil' flip girls with the name lee. he's the most pathetic and dumbest person you will ever meet..if you meet him, just kill yourself
Did you see that eduard..he was all alone macking out with a hot dog?! What a fuggin eduard
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eduards are ball suckers and has no life with small penis and vagina together. Usualle he works in a puff but sometimes he dresses up like a bitch. The eduard is the dumbest thing I have seen in my life, when you ssee him just kill ur self. He mostly sucks black dick with a guy called ******
eduard,edu,big black dick, stupid, not sexy, small penis or no penis
by bob.sucker October 09, 2016
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Someone who makes blanks threats Beacuse they are a fucking coward who runs away when there friend is in real danger.
You’re such an Eduard
by They think i’m Too savage November 02, 2018
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