When ya make a baby and ya birth it out.
Your semen did not have anything to do wit my birthing.
by Billybobjoenuggets November 07, 2016
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moody, grumpy, with baby, quite large in the uterus area,

often a pregnant teacher who gives lots of homework and unnessicarry assignments... -_-

Subsitute Teacher- "it is what it is.."
by maddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii January 13, 2011
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To deliver something, or to just do it. Also can mean “Pass it here.”
by JustBirthItMelanie November 05, 2018
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Birthe is the word for the hottest chick on earth. Tall, blond and freakin attractive. If you go for a Birthe be prepared to have the best night ever.
Guy A: Men, last nite I had to choose between Pamela, Paris and Birthe.
Guy B.: What did you do?
Guy A: I took all of them but Birthe was deinately the hottest.
by Polaboy March 24, 2011
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1. The beginning of very long death.
2. When you are shot out of beaverville
In todays society that baby wont last long. We're too overpopulated as it is.

That mother just birthed her 12th kid. Some religions need to learn to wear condoms.
by barry white September 21, 2003
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Jhon: what did my mom ever do
Dave: she birthed you into existence

Jhon: oh, so she must be disappointed

Dave: yeah.
by OkNo2 October 27, 2019
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