The act of a female performing oral sex on a male, aka, a blowjob.
Dude, Kayleigh told me that for my birthday she might throw in an extra birthday present.(;
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The ‘birthday present’ is shorthand, used to describe a particular song that carries certain notoriety for an artist or group. This song has come to define the band/artist, regardless of its age, quality or potential embarrassment. When performing live, this particular track is virtually expected; failure to perform the number will lead to grave disappointment or even bitterness from the crowd.

The ‘birthday present’ obtains its name through its special gift-like quality that, if not received, tends to cause resentment.
If Led Zeppelin came to town they’d just *have* to performStairway to Heaven’, it’s their birthday present!
by Snowblower99 August 13, 2005
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A present given prior to the actual birthday
Here is an early birthday present because I appreciate you
by Mikk15 December 9, 2019
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when a male drugs a female, rapes her, sticks his dick in her mouth, cumshots, then cuts his dick off leaving it in the girls mouth
jeff gave susan a canadian birthday present yesterday
by nick greca March 26, 2009
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Instead of giving a gift to someone on your birthday, you expect a present instead from them.
atareh: "Devon, I know it was YOUR birthday last week, but you should still get ME something. Think of it as a reverse birthday present"
by atareh June 10, 2022
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Humorous-but-heartwarming term dat refers to where you either:
(1) receive a gift from Birthday Boy/Girl dat he/she had received on said "special day", but he/she forwarded it to you because said item was more compatible wif your lifestyle than it would have been for said "original" recipient, or

(2) have something extra-nice/pleasant/fortunate happen to you (i.e., perhaps you score unexpectedly high in a game/contest, receive a wonderful gift, are extra-successful while performing some difficult/disagreeable endeavor, find one or more greatly-desired items on sale/in stock at a store, etc.) on someone else's birthday.
Giving pass-along birthday presents can be just as enjoyable and bring just as much happiness to da person having da birthday as if he'd kept da presents for himself, since he will know dat whomever he's giving da items to will be enjoying/utilizing them even more than he would have. Same deal if a friend beamingly tells you of something extra-fortunate dat happened to him on your birthday, since you can feel glowingly radiant in your heart dat your good buddy experienced something dat made his life easier and/or more fun/pleasant.
by QuacksO October 15, 2021
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