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When one is in the state known as the birthday month. Any month that your birthday is in, And you party or do hell cool shit for the entire month as much as is physically possible.
Have you seen sam this month, No why. She's been a mess everyweekend for the past three weeks, oh dear It must be her birthday month then, we should join her tonight then.
by >--->-G-<---< November 15, 2011
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Due to scheduling conflicts and belated responses, when gifts continue to be given in recognition of ones birthday over a lengthy period of time, sometimes as much as a month or more. A really great occurrence that stretches ones birthday perks out indefinitely.
Mike: hey, why did the boss buy your lunch today?

Sue: For my birthday.

Mike: I thought your birthday was last week?

Sue: it was, but it's my birthday month.
by Pamann April 03, 2011
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