to be late, delayed

Often used as a way of saying something past the actual event.
by Abdul-Baari July 03, 2005
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a word that people use when they forget things instead of saying i'm sorry.
happy belated birthday = shit, sorry i forgot your birthday
by Kanan September 24, 2007
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You can't delay a moment,
this package is not to be belate.
by Taerok June 15, 2012
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When your coffee comes late, making you miss the bus.
Boss man: You're late!

Serf: In your eye, skipper. My coffee was belatted.

Boss man: Be-what?

Serf: Ugh, google it, mofo. Also get a coffee machine.
by Bullet Shelby January 22, 2013
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The combination of being late and being high from marijuana.

In other words, showing up blazed and late.

The two coincide; the reason that one is late is due to that person being blazed.
I was so belated to my class, that I didn't even understand the lecture.

I would've known my que for drama class, if I hadn't been so belated.
by Colonial Cabinet July 27, 2010
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when its about a week after your birthday and someone barely finds out so they tell you Happy belated.
Brittney: it was courtneys birthday last week !
Kandy: It was?

Brittney: Yeah!
*Courtney walks in*
Kandy: omg! Happy Belated!
Courtney: thanks!
by brittneyandjessica October 10, 2013
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