A level made by BOBOBO, aka the creator of VSC, a hacked level. The Golden used to be the #1 extreme demon on the demon list.
by LukeIsCoolerThenU November 13, 2020
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A bad level that is aids to play
"have you played the golden yet"
"I would rather rip my eyes out and feed them to a badger than play it"
by Ihatethegolden March 9, 2021
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To describe how one is feeling.
Hey how are you?
I'm golden always shining.
by Vic5150 January 7, 2020
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1). To be perfect, or exactly what's needed

2). Good to go
1). Have you seen the latest episode of the Walking Dead? It was golden!

2). After you purchase the tickets for the group, we'll pay you back separately and everything will be golden!
by Psychotic Penguin February 26, 2016
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Golden is being special, perfect, splendid and amazing.

Golden is beautiful, important and you.
HS:"You're so Golden"
Meaning that you're so special and important.
by Manquedimagination October 27, 2020
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A master piece from a very underground unknown indie musical called Henry Slippers. It was written for a short, carrot loving man who goes by Lewis Trucks. Fans are currently (oct 23) clowning extremely hard right now because where the fuck is the music video, Henry?
Hey did you hear about Golden?
Yeah, have you seen stan twitter? A fucking mess.
I know right, those fans are delusional.
by eloisestyles October 23, 2020
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Late night meeting with an older lady in the bar, being a little drunk, and having sex in the restroom making it a great night.

2 references to Golden - older lady and great night!
I met Kathy at mid night in Alibi after a couple of beers and the night became golden!
by Seabasszim August 24, 2011
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